ADELANTE /// A Diego Najera Part

Posted by Route One on 25th April 2018

adidas skateboarding comes correct once again with this brand new piece that focuses on the almost supernatural talents of Primitive pro Diego Najera and welcomes him to the team officially. That's not to say his equally blessed skateboarding brethren don't get a look in, it's just he's such a footage machine that they had to bump him up to full status and we have no doubt he was able to smash out this full part in next to no time.

Opening with a series of short lines all filmed from the front (the clue is in the title - 'Adelante' means ahead), Busenitz, Daewon, Nora and more warm you up before El Centro, CA vative Diego steps up the severity of the game. Producing yet more of that oh so smooth (yet oh so popped) tech trickery he's made his name with, Diego cruises long lines and knocks out his wares as if it's not actually hard to do the mental stuff he does. 

If you were a fan of his Primitive clips you'll absolutely love this. And if you weren't? Well we don't know how that's possible but if that's the case you really need to watch this as the lad goes in hard and hits it out of the park!