adidas 'Head Count'

Posted by Route One on 8th August 2019

Barely a couple of months ever seems to go by without us sharing yet another stellar clip from the adidas camp and proclaiming just how "proper the guys do it over there," never slacking on the footage front and how "everything is seemingly produced to the highest degree." 

So, it comes as no surprise that once again, and less than a month since Mike Arnold's amazing 'Welcome to the Team' edit dropped, the three stripe crew are back and attacking our eyes with yet more near perfect audio visual fodder.

From the very first choreographed sequence (just imagine how hard that would have been to put together!) it's clear that this China based clip is something a little bit special. We're glad to say that, as well as the genuinely first rate skate trickery you've come to expect from the adidas boys, the whole video is interspersed with cleverly filmed multi person trick combos and it really adds a fresh approach to the sometimes tired medium of the skate trip highlight reel. This is definitely rad!