Andy Anderson: A Short Skate Film

Posted by Route One on 24th October 2018

Those of you familiar with Brett Novak's work will know the kind of skater he likes to film with. Travelling the world and capturing the progressive actions of street focused freestylers, Brett's stunning pieces often tread a little too far into circus trick territory for the average skater and he himself would be the first to admit the people he works with certainly aren't the coolest.

That latter description could certainly be cast against Vancouver native, Powell Peralta skater and latest recipient of Brett's all-encompassing direction, Mr Andy Anderson. Here's a kid that looks like Michael Cera, skates street with a helmet on and has more than his fair share of internet famous freestyler inspired tricks in his bag. On paper we imagine this isn't sounding too appealing to the more image conscious amongst you...

Well, you need to put those assumptions to one side as, oh my goodness, Andy Anderson can rip. And by rip we mean seriously rip. This kid has it all (and plenty he probably needs to leave off camera!). His technical ability is mind boggling, his transition skating burly as the best of them and his rail approach is fearless in the extreme. Andy Anderson is better than your favourite skater and he's better whilst wearing a helmet and rolling around with a massive grin on his chops - that's definitely the kind of thing you need to see!