Axel's Kinked Rail Mayhem

Posted by Route One on 16th April 2020

Everyone loves Axel Crusher!

Whether you first saw him as the pint sized, mid 00's "Euro Sheckler," met him on the infamous Route One x Etnies Free Skate Tour or saved your initial exposure for witnessing his full throttle attack in Thrasher's 'King Of The Road,' nobody can deny the buzz of excitement generated when Axel Cruysberghs steps on his board!

The Belgian Burler may only be 25 but he's been killing it for more than half his life and has stepped up to some of the gnarliest handrails in the game. To celebrate his ongoing gnarliness (because why not!?!), Bronson Speed Co has dropped this amazing rough cut edit of Axel's footage from last year's 'Into The Pit' video.

Filmed predominantly by Tylre Wilcox and edited by Gavin Denike, this is no frills handrail chomping from one of the best in the biz. And eight minutes of it at that, bonus!