Betamaximum Palace

Posted by Route One on 5th July 2018

Are shirts combined with trackies now in? If Lucas Puig, one of the coolest mother you-know-whats to walk the planet says so, then maybe this previously unfathomably bad fashion faux pas is now acceptable. That's the first lesson we've taken from this brand new Palace video, released unexpectedly to little fanfare on Monday. The other lessons are just reaffirmations of previously held beliefs - that the Palace team seriously rips!

Maintaining, in part, their previous aesthetic based around the use of early 90's dad-cam, the Palace boys seem to have upped their game. No longer relying upon the grottiest of low price point handy cams to capture their skateboarding wares, this Betamax produced clip genuinely looks amazing. 4:3 as skateboarding really should be, the look is somewhere between full res VX2100 and 16mm film; it looks so good that, were this format were readily available, it would be industry standard in no time!

For those of you that aren't film nerds, we understand you couldn't give two hoots about the camera and just wanna know about the skating. Well rest assured Palace never let you down (well, unless Shawn Powers is involved...but the less said about him the better). All the usual crew kill it and it looks great as they do. We're stoked on that and, in about ten minutes time when you've finished watching it, we're pretty sure you will be too!