Birdhouse Tour

Posted by Route One on 13th June 2018

The UK skate calendar has been pretty full on this summer and we are only a month in! Birdhouse skateboards were the first of the US giants to grace our shores earlier in May. The team consisted of everybody’s favourite mosher Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki, Shawn Hale and Clive Dixon. It was quite refreshing to see the US team linked up with local Birdhouse Reps Ryan Price and Gav Coughlan to make this a proper international mash up.

Gav Coughan Birdhouse sponsor frontside ollie

Things kicked off at the European Birdhouse distributions, Shiner, own personal Skatepark session. Gav got stuck straight in there showing the yanks how we do it this side of the ocean with this beautifully lofty Fs Ollie, Really showing off that Birdhouse deck graphic ;).

Jaws Aaron homoki Backside Lipslide to big drop

Jaws was hot on Gav's heels and got stuck into the quarter pipe session with the Backside Lipslide to mini mosh drop of the end. 

Shawn Hale Witch Pole Jam Rock

This was Shane Hales first time stepping on his board in a month after tweaking his knee quite badly. He told us he was annoyed he couldn’t skate properly however this switch pole jam rock begs the question, if this isn’t proper what would be?!

Boneless down a big set of stairs

After the Private session we headed into town to one of Bristol and the UK's most iconic street spots, Lloyds amphitheatre. This quickly turned into your classic jump down the stairs for prizes session. The sessionwas kicked off by this unkown ripper hucking a perfectly shaped boneless down the 3 block.

Ryan Price Nosegrind Tail Grab Vert Wall at Dean Lane

We finished the day with Bristol's finest beer garden/gravel ski slope, Dean Lane. Many a bevy deep by this point the boys set to ripping the Deaner a new one, in a slightly wobblier fashion than previously seen. Local lad Ryan Price impressed the masses with this perfectly executed nosegrind tailgrab on the top.

Bidhouse skateboards route one brighton

We then made our way down to Brighton to pay our one of our shops a visit. The guys had a meet and great with some very stoked locals, signed some boards and when they were done with store antics headed to the local park, The Level. 

Jaws tony hawks 360 bowl

The UK leg of Birdhouse's Euro tour got wrapped up with an end of the day demo at the Level Skatepark in Brighton. Here's Jaws doing godfather Tony Hawks proud with a boosted bs 360 to rock and roll in the deep end.

Sidewalk Magazine have a full rundown of the UK tour with mroe of our photos here.