Brandon Westgate 'Bog Town'

Posted by Route One on 9th January 2019

New Balance kicked off the year good and proper, treating us all to this magnificent part of legendary New Englander Brandon Westgate which has been on constant repeat from the moment it dropped!

Though it's only a couple of months since his Op Ivy soundtracked opener in Element Skateboard's amazing full length 'Peace,' Brandon proves his life isn't all about that cranberry farming these days and brings to the table the kind of hammers that have made his name gold.

Though only diminutive in stature, Westgate has always had that big boy pop (as well as that full speed approach) and some of the stuff he puts down in this only serves to build on his amazing legacy. And the kickflip in the screen shot you can see below? Seriously, the footage makes it seem even gnarlier (if that were possible); this is the good stuff right here!