Bronze 56k ***IT'S TIME***

Posted by Route One on 24th October 2018

Whilst Andy Anderson couldn't be cool if he had a million dollar cheque hanging out of his zipper and Girl hasn't really been cool for a decade or more, nobody is fronting on the fact the Bronze 56k guys are still pretty much on point with the zeitgeist of current day skateboarding.

Are they so cool they've managed to name their latest release the exact same name as a Circa video from 2006 and get away with it? Well, the jury is out on that one but the video is top notch none the less!

To be honest though, Peter Sidlauskas and his brand have rarely seemed to give a damn about whatever anybody else thinks, which no doubt adds to the appeal, so we're pretty sure they could call their next video 'Yeah Right' or 'Menikmati' and still manage to pull it off somehow!