Chris Colbourn: WAR and PEACE

Posted by Route One on 24th January 2019

Chris Colbourn

Whilst we're not exactly sure why this wasn't in PEACE proper (filmer Jon Miner suggests it's because this longer format "allowed him to explore the cuts around LA alongside all the amazing footage he collected for PEACE) we're just glad this Chris 'Cookie' Colbourn part has seen the light of day because it's truly insane!

 Utilising the raw format of a b-sides edit with brand new footage is no doubt a brave step but one that kinda makes sense for Element from a marketing perspective; it keeps the body of work in the collective consciousness much longer and and that's a hard task in this modern era. What Colbourn himself makes of this we can only hazard to guess but the lad's footage is out and the whole world seems to be talking about it, which can only be a good thing!

 Known for his creative eye alongside a 'balls to the wall' approach, Vermont's gnarliest son really kicks things up a notch with world class trickery on every conceivable obstacle. Though he may have officially earned the most unwanted of skate label of 'Man am' over a year ago, it's hard to see that staying the case for much longer. 11 minutes on Thrasher that everyone is loving? That's call for a signature deck if ever there was one!

Check out the video here