City Circle

Posted by Route One on 19th March 2020

Whilst there's a lot of top class talent on show in this video, it's an adidas release through Free Mag after all, we've gotta be honest with you and say we only have eyes for Gustav.

If he's not embarrassing the premiere ledge skaters of Europe in King of Macba, or filming the Sour Crew in yet another one of their impeccable productions, he's invariably in front of the lens somewhere in the world, producing the most majestically mesmerising skateboarding we've ever seen. This is a man who, it appears, is incapable of doing wrong; in fact we'd hazard a guess that's the only thing he's incapable of!

But let's stop there. In the interests of avoiding vomit inducing levels of sycophancy, perhaps we ought to tell you a little about the video itself:

  • It's is a highlight compilation of select adidas team members taking short term residency in Melbourne, Australia and making the most of the skate-favourable  weather and architecture. 
  • It's filmed by Leigh Bolton and features the substantial skills of Magnus Bordewick, Dennis Durrant, Mike Arnold and more. 
  • It's a perfect pre skate play to get the hype flowing. 
  • And it's also yet more footy from the one and only Gustav Tønnesen! 

Sorry, we tried. We're just crushing so hard on Gustav he's seriously the only thing on our minds!