Clive Dixon 'Creep'

Posted by Route One on 16th April 2020

Busting out the ultimate in classic early nineties melancholy, Clive Dixon brings the absolute fire with his brand new part 'Creep.'

From the moment Thom Yorke's distinctive warbling rings out, and the chords of a million introspective nights of teenage self loathing kick in, it's clear the Birdhouse pro isn't gonna settle for messing about with gentle kerb technicality; you don't commit to one of the biggest indie tunes of all time unless your tricks are up to the task! 

And messing about couldn't be further from young Clive's mind when attempting the Herculean stunts of his latest clip, to do so would likely result in tragedy more sorrowful than the alienation of the song's protagonist. And nobody wants that!

Ok, that's enough jibber-jabber about the song; though it's rare to pair skateboarding with anything outside Soundcloud freebies these days there's a lot more to this part than the purchasing power of Tony Hawk. The skating in this really is stupendously impressive, there really are no two ways about it! Of course Clive's infamous Staples Centre hubba makes it into the mix (and it's every bit as mental as you'd expect) but that is far from the only Kirchart-esque stunt to make the final cut. In fact it's not even the ender; we told you Clive wasn't messing about...