Cons 'Dream Spell'

Posted by Route One on 6th February 2019

How good is Louie Lopez? No, obviously he's really good but how good is he really? Coz it seems that, right now at least, there aren't many people on the young lad's level; it's really as if he can do no wrong!

Fans of his insta page will no doubt be aware of the level of control he seems to have ascended to of late and that immense ability is showcased numerous times throughout this Mexico Tour clip from Cons, culminating (in our eyes at least) in one of the most beautifully perfect flip back lips ever done.

There's a lot more than Louie to this clip we hasten to add. Jake Johnson is in there, doing his thing, and Shaun Pablo takes a bone crunching slam, all the while looking like a beautiful stick insect. Alexis Sablone proves she's still the rawest female street skater on the planet and Brian Delatorre continues to evade SF authorities by hiding out in whichever country he can. That said, it's all about Louie from start to finish; here's a kid at the top of his game and as confident as can be - long may that continue.

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