Crailtap: ABQ and Texas

Posted by Route One on 30th April 2020

The Crailtap camp continues their current footage fiesta with this coverage of the team's pre lockdown sojourn to the ditches of Albuquerque and Texas.

Filmed by the combined talents of John Marello and Daniel Policelli, it offers that rarest of treats; a wild Rick Howard sighting! Now for those of you who were unlucky enough to be born after Rick's Plan B heyday, the thought of an old man rolling around a few southern concrete culverts is hardly likely to get you excited (so you can have Griffin Gass, Sean Malto and Niels Bennett). But for those of us a little longer in the tooth, the opportunity see Girl's head honcho out of the office is truly a treat to savour, especially when it's complimented by the one and only Kenny Anderson!

Old dudes aside, this is a really great clip. The crew are obviously having fun in each other's company, which has always been a favoured hallmark of the Girl/Chocolate camp, and they've mixed it with their other great fame; bloomin' amazing skateboarding!

Click that play button to get some serious spot jealousy...