Crashing Carroll's

Posted by Route One on 2nd April 2020

As we find ourselves deep into the second week of the countrywide lockdown and imposed isolation it's heart-warming to see everyone maintain that creative spark how ever they can. Be it back yard spot construction, static carpet board tricks or even trawling the phone archives for that one mental slam, we're all getting our skate fix one way or another.

One thing we don't recommend however is copying the example set by Mike Carroll and the Girl/Chocolate boys in this Crailtap clip; we can't imagine it'd go down too well with your parents/landlord/other half (delete as appropriate!).

Though we don't know the back story to this skit we have to assume Mike is in the process of demolishing this property, otherwise there's simply no explanation for the level of wilful destruction he allows to take place; seriously, this is Lord of the Flies level mayhem! The skating, however, is top notch and Manchild's hippy jump has to be seen to be believed. Just don't go trying to recreate it, you might actually want that decking once we're allowed friends over again later this summer!