Dane Burman 'Battle Commander'

Posted by Route One on 7th November 2018

There's something deliciously ironic about a part containing predominantly "altered" spots at Berra's house but we doubt the crimes of 'Skate More' were on Dane Burman's mind when filming for the legendary honour of a Berrics Battle Commander.

Zero Skateboards' Antipodean connection, and official title holder for the gnarliest rail ever done, really does pull out all the creative stops in this near three minute assault to every movable object in that most famous of warehouses. If opening things up with a nose based attack on a full sized vending machine wasn't enough, the Volcom ripper rigs up picnic tables, ties together park benches and flips over railings to make his mark on the already undeniably gnarly surroundings.

But the main thing is, he genuinely looks to be having a bit of a laugh and that's what our indoor parks are about. In an era where virtually every week we hear of yet another local closing its doors we reckon there a few more important lessons we can take from this but to use our indoor facilities - as important as it is to not forget the streets, it's park owners and employees that keep our scene alive and we'll lose 'em if we don't use 'em. As entertaining as the Berrics clips are to watch, we really don't wanna live in a world where there's is the only indoor park remaining!