David Gonzalez: The Route One interview

Posted by Route One on 22nd August 2018

The latest in this summer's long line of skate stars to take our interview hot seat is Flip Skateboard's Colombian connection, the totally rock and roll David Gonzales!

Born and raised in Medellin, the former drug and murder capital of the world, David is no stranger to dangerous situations, so it came of little surprise when this pint sized ripper proved his worth for the gnarliest brand on the planet. Head hunted by the one and only Geoff Rowley at age 12 and considered, by some, to be as naturally gifted as the legendary Tom Penny, David's meteoric rise to skate stardom saw him sponsored within a year of picking up the hobby and be crowned Thrasher SOTY by the tender age of 22.

In this short but sweet interview, filmed just after this summer's Flip demo at Hastings' amazing 'The Source' skate park, David discusses everything from Street League to the changes of Medellin and witnessing murders to appearing in the Olympics. It's safe to say few modern day rippers have experienced life quite as raw as David Gonzalez, so we had to get his story!