Elliot Sloan 'Mega Park'

Posted by Route One on 24th June 2020

Back in the early 90's, when street skating was the only show in town, the idea of watching a transition based part was so alien to the youth of the day that 'fast forward' on the VCR (Google it) became known as the "Vert Button." From Jordan Richter in Video Days onward, if you came across somebody so much as dropping in on a ramp you reached for the remote and skipped ahead.

But times change and although the vertical game has in no way recaptured the glory of its mid 80's heyday, even the most fervent street rat can appreciate the skills of the boys in full padding and it's understanding this that has permitted us to share Elliot Sloan's latest madness with you.

Sure, you're never gonna jump the mega - so this isn't gonna inspire your weekend shred - but this is seriously impressive skateboarding from Birdhouse skateboards' NYC connection and sometimes being impressed is enough for us. Give it a go as we're pretty sure you're gonna enjoy it. And even if vert and mega isn't your scene this is 100% the best drone filming you're ever gonna witness!