Glory Push

Posted by Route One on 1st November 2018

Ben Chadourne knows how to film skateboarding. Having been entrusted with Converse Cons' debut full length offering Purple (and delivering with aplomb might we add!) he's returned to his first love of independent production and has just dropped the thoroughly watchable 'Glory Push' over on his Vimeo channel.

Bringing back Stalin Square and film burns like it's 2003, Ben's cinematography captures the raw power of his assembled cast and provides a perfect showcase for the talents of the guys within. 

Speaking of the assembled cast; Nik Stain really stands out in this, it has to be said. Though Hjalte Halberg and Bobby DeKeyser represent just as hard as you'd expect, it's Call Me 917's Nik and his mach ten switch flat ground game that really excites us the most. Power, finesse and not afraid to dip his smiths properly, it's easy to see why Nike SB are backing him so hard.  There's every chance you will be too after you've clicked play on this bad boy!