Hackney Bumps - Full Skate Documentary

Posted by Route One on 9th July 2020

Here in the UK we have a rich skate heritage and, as such, a good few legendary spots from our past remain. Obviously everyone knows South Bank, The Deaner, Livi and Romford, but beyond these most famous examples there are numerous other concrete monoliths still in existence that have seen the best part of forty years of action.

The bumps in Hackney are one such place. Though often overlooked in favour of the similar but perhaps more skater suited Stockwell, the Hackney Bumps remain an entertaining skate destination from a bygone age. Built in 1986, the Daubeney Fields facilities may not carry the same variation of a modern plaza style park, but they offer just as much opportunity for fun and it's because of this that the Hackney Bumps Community Group was formed to voluntarily regenerate this oft' overlooked North East London gem.

This 'labour of love' documentary chronicles not only the history of the spot, but the efforts of the group to revamp the frayed edges (and what a fantastic job they've done too!). Get this watched and then jot it down as a 'must visit' for your next London trip - spots like this deserve to be skated!