Helena Long: The Route One Interview

Posted by Route One on 28th May 2020

It's no exaggeration to say that Route One team rider Helena Long is a legend of the UK scene. First picking up a skateboard back when women's skateboarding, certainly in the UK at least, was well over a decade away from becoming mainstream, Helena broke boundaries and paved the way for the thousands of up and coming female skaters we see today.

With that in mind she was the perfect choice for the latest focus in our team centric interview series! Obviously the current world situation with Covid-19 meant the traditional face-to-face format was out of the window but if Skype and Zoom are good enough for the BBC we're pretty confident they're sufficient for us!

Talking with us from the comfort of her living room Helena discusses her involvement with Shari White's Credits video, her penchant for playing the drums, her vocation in the arts and a whole lot more. 

Keep those eyes peeled for more sofa centric interrogations with our squad members as the year progresses!