Implosionistic Tendencies: 28MPH

Posted by Route One on 18th April 2019

Skateboarding doesn't get more real than Anti Hero and after 24 years of the rawest, grittiest skateboarding ever committed, Julien Stranger's boys are still laying it down and keeping true to the original ethos of the brand.

Their latest promotional vid has just gone live and, much like Fucktards, Tent City and countless other classics before it, it showcases skateboarding in its truest form; dickheads going fast and having fun!

Frank Gerwer is still skating better than you (and us) at 44 years of age, Peter Hewitt is still destroying both himself and the terrain on his quest to find the best back yard pools and Raney Beres carries the flag for the new generation (and flies it high over some seriously big tranny, padless of course). Then there's Grosso, Robbie Russo and Daan; let's be fair you don't need to read any further to know the level of skating that's gonna go down so sack off looking at these words in front of you and get that play button pressed right now!