Ishod 'Be Free' Rough Cut

Posted by Route One on 5th March 2020

If, like us, you spent your weekend huddled over your mobile watching every last second of the Tampa Pro live stream, there are sure to be a few conclusions you came to. Firstly that Mason Silva has the best/worst fakie flip in the world, secondly that Shane O'Neill was robbed of victory despite the fact he shouldn't have actually been in the finals (don't worry, we still love you Andy Anderson, even if the rest of the skate world has conspired against you) and finally that nobody is as good at skateboarding as Ishod Wair.

Nonchalant regular and switch tres back to back, technical lines for days and a style you'd give the final twenty years of your life for; despite the weekend being a showcase of the great and the good, nobody came close to holding a torch to how sick Ishod is.

Which is why we're thrilled to bits to see this 25 minute (that's not a typo, we really do mean twenty five whole minutes!) rough cut from his recent 'Be Free' video, shared with fellow SOTY and Real Skateboards team mate Kyle Walker. As the Thrasher blurb itself confirms, this is certified GOAT level and the best skate rat in the biz just keeps getting better and better!