Jacopo Carozzi 'Milan: Chapter One'

Posted by Route One on 9th July 2020

First of all, can we apologise? When we write these blog posts we search high and low for the week's best skateboarding. From Vague and Grey in the UK, Free in Europe, the various US sites and a gander at the content of our antipodean cousins - we aren't afraid to geek out on  top class skateboarding and we try to share with you a wide ranging selection from the past seven days. Except this week this is the third thing we're posting from Thrasher and that's pretty lame! Now obviously 2020 is an odd year and so we have to take our footage where we can find it but we promise to you that, in future, we'll do our best to make sure it doesn't happen again!

Anyway, back in 2015 we were invited to Riccone in Italy for the Vans Spring Classic. It was a great week in the Adriatic sun and we were lucky enough to witness everyone from Aurelien Giraud to Grant Taylor tearing up the mini. But one kid really stood out, young Jacopo Carozzi.

Since that time, Jacopo has been on a tear, got himself on Baker and Spitfire and it seems that now the whole world knows his name. This new part, filmed over two weeks in the depths of the Milan winter, will serve to only add to his legacy! Though we're still apologetic for sharing three lots of Thrasher this week, when the subject is as good as Jacopo we're really left with little choice!