Jenkem on Burnquist

Posted by Route One on 9th May 2018

Let's be fair, nobody does interviews like Jenkem and nobody will ever do skateboarding like Bob Burnquist, so this piece is a veritable match made in heaven!

Though Bob's face has faded from the limelight in recent years his name is still so highly revered it's almost achieved an ethereal quality; such is his legacy and back catalogue of work it's sometimes hard to remember that he's actually human and just a skate rat like the rest of us. The younger generation may well see his latter day exploits as having ventured way beyond video game levels of joke shop trickery, but his more traditional skateboarding achievements are still light years ahead of everyone else skating transition to this day. We say this with no hyperbole; Bob Burnquist was better 20 years ago than any of your favourite ramp pro's will ever be (and he's got way better since!).

Not one's to hold back, Jenkem ask the questions you want answered and also the ones you'd never thought of! Covering everything from his experiences street skating Sau Paulo in the 80's to the notion of how big Brazillian butts influence an individual's pop, Bob gives you an insight into the mind of quite possibly the greatest skateboarder the world will ever see (and even give a little back story to the infamous Anti Hero tramp stamp). This an essential read - check it out here.