Jenkem: Resurrecting the Infamous LA High Rail

Posted by Route One on 19th March 2020

You know LA High. You know it whether you realise it or not. The banks out front have appeared in skate videos since the dawn of time and there's rarely a stateside release without the school popping up at least once. From Guy's infamous 'Mouse' lines to Baker 4 hammers; few buildings have been captured as regularly on film as this one.

What you may not be familiar with however is the legendary handrail once contained within its halls. There was a time, back before the age of Instagram and TikTok, where appearances and one-upmanship on this rail was ubiquitous in skateboard media. You couldn't open a mag or pop in a DVD without seeing this low yet slightly awkward corner bannister configuration facilitating groundbreaking technical handrail skating and it was a sad day when the LA School board opted to remove it.

But little things like a spot's decade long none existence doesn't stop the good folk at Jenkem Mag getting their content fix. Armed with the skate park construction knowledge of the good lads at Keen Ramps, an exact replica of the original rail was stealth installed before the great and the good of handrail skating were invited to tear the thing to shreds.

It really is a true example of skate and create if ever there was one!