Jerry Gurney 'Ride The Lightning'

Posted by Route One on 5th July 2018

One of the best things about skateboarding is the characters it attracts. No real rules means that for every clean cut technician like the Street League boys, you get a whole load of proper weirdos like Jerry Gurney... and thank goodness for that!

Obsessed with 80's hair metal and properly possessed to skate, Blood Wizard's Jerry is one of the raddest dudes out there now. Why? Coz he's doing his own thing and seriously not giving one thought to what's in, cool or likely to get him more followers on social media. Jerry rips hard as hell and has the time of his life doing it; that's the only thing we, as skaters, really need to concern ourselves with!

This brand new part is a whole heap of fun from start to finish and is a great lesson in how to get every ounce of joy imaginable out of your years on a board (though we wouldn't recommend snorting fresh snow off a knife; you'll likely give yourself an unintentional rhinoplasty and get blood all over your grip tape - nobody wants that!)