Josef Skott 'Domino'

Posted by Route One on 24th June 2020

Though once southern California centric, over the past two decades the skateboard industry has spread out across the world and our side of the pond is no longer considered a poor relative to our stateside brethren. The European skate scene, following the path forged by the likes of Blueprint and Cliche, is now responsible for some of the most exciting brands in the world and arguably right at the top of the pile is the amazing Sour.

Fans of the brand will testify there isn't a weak link in the line up. A company of friends born out of the ashes of Sweet skateboards, under the talented administration of Gustav Tønnesen it has become the go-to collective when discussing the very best in real skateboarding in the modern era. Josef Skott and his high speed 'out of control but not' brand of skateboarding is very much a key part of Sour's success.

Any excuse to see new footage from Josef is a treat so we were absolutely thrilled when DC Footwear dropped this absolute banger of a part over on the Thrasher website this week. Mixing his creative eye for a spot with a mach ten approach that shows no concern for his own safety, this is everything that is good about skateboarding in 2020. 

We often try to seek out clips that we reckon will hype you up before you head out with your mates, this is 100% the best video for that this week!