Lakai x Motorhead

Posted by Route One on 22nd May 2018

Though two and a half years may have passed since legendary rock and roll hell raiser Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister shuffled off this mortal coil, his musical legacy through Motorhead lives strong and Lakai have sought to honour this in their own way in the form of their amazing new collaboration with the band.

To promote their newest of wares they've enlisted poster boy of the modern rock 'n' roll generation, one Mr Riley Hawk, and basically filmed him ripping whilst showcasing the goods. It's a simple approach and a time tested practice - he looks pretty cool and skates like a bad ass so you really can't fail to shift a few units when he's making the product look this good!

A clothing and shoe range sport the unmistakable Motorhead 'Snaggletooth' logo and the skating is by Riley Hawk; what more do you really need to know to get you clicking that play button right now!