Milton Martinez ¡DEMOLICIÓN! Rough Cut

Posted by Route One on 24th June 2020

When Milton Martinez was announced as the 2019 Thrasher 'Skater of the Year', it's safe to say it was a somewhat contentious decision. Half the world was certain Mark Suciu was a shoe in whilst the rest us are so enamoured with a certain Tiago Lemos that anyone else seemed out of the question. Sure, Milton Martinez' Demolicion part was one of the gnarliest of all time (and he's the epitome of the Thrasher 'Skate And Destroy' ethos) but was that really justification to be seen above the ethereal brilliance of Verso? Michael Burnett seemed to think so.

And now, six months on and with the release of these Rough Cuts, we too understand just why the young man from Mar Del Plata was given the nod; quite simply nobody went in this hard in 2019, of that we are certain!

It really is hard to explain just how mental this 25 minute all out assault is. Though the English language, helped along by the occasional use of a Thesaurus, allows us numerous superlatives to express our feelings towards something, sometimes well trodden phrases of hyperbole seem almost cheap when the focus of their use is this mind-blowing. So we're not going to waste our time trying!

We can muster no words to paint a picture as good as the reality of watching this first hand so don't sit around waiting for us to try - get on it right this second!