Nike SB x Stussy

Posted by Route One on 6th December 2018

Hands up, who doesn't love Lance? If any of you have actually raised your fingers skywards then get out o' town, Lance is the absolute boss and we don't wanna talk to you right now!

54 years old with nothing to prove yet everything still to give, Lance is everything amazing about skateboarding in human form. Still ripping tranny better than you, still killing it on the streets better than your mate that always beats you at skate and still having more fun than a 90's gurner with a bag full of pills in a field somewhere in Hampshire; Lance kills, no two ways about it!

"Whether it's in the terrain, riding something new or in a different way, or in the maneuvers, the story of progressive skateboarding is creating with individuality and bringing something completely new to it. It's about the creative experience in skateboarding—the whole essence of riding a skateboard is that each individual gets to bring new ideas and breaking boundaries, open to interpretation. By doing creative things, intertwined and alongside of it, is all part of showing the inventive core—because the whole aspect of skateboarding is a creative expression." — Lance Mountain