Nyjah's Gnarliest Slams

Posted by Route One on 27th June 2019

Everyone loves a bit of schadenfreude, lets not lie. You can be as highbrow as you want but if you're given the opportunity to rubberneck somebody else eating sh*t (especially as somebody as blessed as Nyjah) you're gonna take it, even if you're wincing and watching it from behind the sofa like an eight year old on his first episode of Dr Who.

So, with that in mind, Nike SB have bit our steeze (it's about eight years since we did this with Avid some of you may recall) and released a compilation of Nyjah Huston's greatest slams and we have to admit there are some absolute belters in here; the lad really can take a tumble!

Explanations, multiple angles and spilled blood really do drive home just how much the elite of our "sport" put their bodies on the line and though we may dream of sponsored life and the trappings being an elite pro brings, we reckon most of us wouldn't trade our existence if it meant taking falls like this. See for yourself; if you really want to make it you're gonna have to prepare yourself to take a beating or two...