Pat Hoblin 'Paths'

Posted by Route One on 11th October 2018

Filmed throughout Miami, LA, France and his home state, Long Island native Pat Hoblin cements his name in the long list of underrated East Coast greats with his brand new part released through Transworld.

Riding for the legendary Shut Skateboards (founded in '86 and keeping it real on the streets of NYC longer than anyone else), Pat proudly represents the brand's stellar pedigree with the kind of free spirited, loose and raw skateboarding the world's "greatest" city has come to embody. 

Obviously filmed on a VX and, more often than not, seemingly spur of the moment, his ad hoc approach to none spots is a thoroughly entertaining watch. Whilst he may be 27, fully committed to being that classic skateboarding staple (the 'Man Am') and unlikely to become a household name any time soon, we doubt that bothers Pat even the slightest; the lad's a raw ripper, doing it for the love, and that shines through in this 110%.