Shane O'Neill: The Route One Interview Pt.1

Posted by Route One on 7th June 2018

Shane O'Neill doesn't do many interviews. It's not that he doesn't have much to say (he has plenty) it's just he's not a massive fan of the limelight and, as the old adage goes, he prefers to let his skating do the talking. However, on his recent trip to the UK to compete in Monter Energy's 'Street League London' event, he did finally decide to have a proper sit down video interview and do you know who with? Us of course! It's kinda vulgar to blow our own trumpets but we go out of our way to get you the interviews nobody else can and we reckon we've proper excelled ourselves this time!

Split into two parts (he really can talk and, like we told you, he really had plenty to say) Shane joined us for a morning coffee in Shoreditch's 'Forge & Co' to talk about Street League, getting on Nike at 13, the legacy of Lewis Marnell and a whole lot more. We especially liked his thoughts on backside nollie heel flipping Wallenberg - apparently summat like that is no big deal really!

Part two will be out at the same time next week and contains the answer to one of our favourite questions to date. And that's certainly not the end to our summer of top class interviews; we've got clips that'll make you shake with excitement so we reckon we best keep 'em a secret otherwise you'll have made yourself sick by the time they finally drop.  It's defo worth keeping an eye open on our YouTube page over the next few weeks though...