Sk8mafia 2020 Promo

Posted by Route One on 5th August 2020

For a small home town brand Sk8mafia does not mess about when it comes to producing the goods! Based outta San Diego, as one of the tightest crews in the biz this company has always been more about the homies than it has about the dollars so it's great to see it still thriving (and putting out the best content) after well over a decade in the game!

Their latest full length, titled the "2020 Promo" (don't let anyone tell you the medicinal properties of that plant dispensaries sell in California are conducive to creativity!) is every bit as good as the rest of their illustrious back catalog.

Opening up with the Peter Pan-esque Brandon Turner, who really shouldn't be able to huck down stuff that big pushing 40 (or survive slamming that hard on the switch Bam drop in), before Alex Ramirez, Wes Kremer and the rest of the team rep that San Diego pride hard, this is 27 minutes of pure unadulterated skateboard fun.

Defo the best pre-skate hype you're getting this week!