Social Distancing at the Worst Skate Park Ever

Posted by Route One on 2nd April 2020

David Gravette is back, and as timely as ever, with his Bronson Speed Co. series on awful skate parks. You really can't beat his dry wit and commitment to finding terrible public facilities!

Making note of the fact that the "TF" is so bad nobody is there (well, apart from "Cory who might hug you"), and thus, social distancing is the default position, Baby Lamb proceeds to show us fun can be had* in even the worst of facilities and that it's not what you have but how you use it.

*Ok, who are we kidding, it's David Gravette; he loses his temper almost immediately! It's hilarious to watch though and also reassuring that even the biggest names in the game get stressed out when stupid little things don't work. Now obviously you can't use this as normal 'pre session hype' given public parks around the country are now completely off limits but carpet boarding and back yard antics are still possible, so click play and psyched to skate any way you can!