Speedway Mag interviews Greg Hunt

Posted by Route One on 14th June 2018

Few videographers have had the impact on our beloved pastime as skate auteur extraordinaire Greg Hunt and his CV of cinematic greats. From filming the Super 8 snippets in his own Tincan Folklore parts back in '96 to rescuing both the DC and Vans videos, few people can lay claim to such a highly regarded body of work as the Michigan native. 

West Yorkshire based skate writer Farran Golding may not have parity with that kind of reputation quite yet, but if the quality of his work for his own 'Speedway Mag' is anything to go by (this brand new piece focusing on Greg's catalogue being the latest in a long line of top class interviews and advertorial pieces) there's every chance we could be discussing his name in equally revered tones in a decade or two's time.

Shying away from the traditional questions and answers piece, Farran spoke with Greg about his history, his achievements and his passions at such length this magnificent piece of skate journalism could easily have been double the length. It still is quite a solid read, covering the aforementioned first dabbles in film making techniques right through to the subtleties of his favourite parts of AWS' now legendary Mindfield, so grab yourself a pack of biscuits and fill that kettle up - this is gonna take a while but it couldn't be more worthy of your time.

Read the article here.