Steve Mull 'Toxic Planet'

Posted by Route One on 30th August 2018

Do you remember Steve Mull? He and his brother dropped insane parts through Thrasher last year. Only thing is Dave's part contained more than a few viral worthy tree based tricks so Steve's shredding passed by kinda unnoticed. Which is a genuine travesty as the lad properly rips!

Thankfully he's back with a brand new part and it's so good there's no way you're gonna be able to sleep on him this time around.

Opening with Manramp (they all live together, which is handy when you're in need of an obstacle for the sesh!), this part contains Natas spins, switch roof drops and flips into dirt hillbombs (and that's just the opening 30 seconds!). The remaining four minutes are certain to satisfy your senses as Steve takes the road less traveled through a plethora of skate friendly urban architecture before ending the clip with unfathomable greatness. Think we're going a little over the top there? Just wait until you see it; did you know that was even a trick!?!

Watch it here.