The Glitch 'Street Part'

Posted by Route One on 5th March 2020

If you were skating a decade ago the idea of calling your video a "street part" is utterly absurd. All legit parts were "street parts;" park footage was throwaway and a "part" consisted of entirely street based tricks (unless you're a tranny ripper but that's a whole other convo) - those were the rules. Except they aren't the rules any more. Somewhere along the social media way the notion of having different types of parts arose and now it's perfectly acceptable to remix together of all your best skate park clips into one type of part and have another stacked with that prime street footy (and then share all the clips individually on Insta again). It's all about the hustle of self promotion.

If that doesn't make sense and all this talk of "parts" is confusing don't worry. All it means is the new generation of internet savvy pros are making sure you don't miss their best clips by giving you ample ways to see what they're capable of and this is exactly what Aurelien Giraud has done here. Mixing clips from his recent 'Pro' part for Plan B, tricks you've seen on his instagram page and stuff that hasn't seen the light of day until now, The Glitch has produced a part that (if you turn the music off) stands up as one of the gnarliest collections of footage in 2020 so far!