Traffic 'Look Right'

Posted by Route One on 27th June 2019

A full Traffic tour video of Japan, featuring actual footy from the one and only Ricky Oyola? Yes please! Filmed and edited by Josh Stewart? Oh my god, take my money now!

It's been a couple of years since Traffic released 'Look Left' and for fans of original raw Philly style skateboarding, two years can seem like a lifetime. If you're anything like us then the opportunity to see real "in the actual streets" skateboarding is far too good an opportunity to pass up so we're thrilled to bits Traffic decided to document their recent excursion to Japan and turn it into a full blown 18 minute long tour video.

Over there to meet up with local connection Hiroki Muraoka, Ricky brought along Kevin Coakley, Luke Malaney and George Haunschak for the ride and it's safe to say the crew does not disappoint. This is everything you could want from a Theories of Atlantis production and the fact that Ricky himself gets some tricks? Well that's just the icing on the cake!