'Up In Smoookes!' 2019 Thrasher SOTY Trip

Posted by Route One on 30th April 2020

Well wow! Jake Phelps may sadly no longer be with us but the spirit of the "Hellride" lives on. For better or worse (and there's examples of both in here) the full throttle, "pedal to the metal" approach advocated by the late Thrasher Editor in Chief is carried throughout this year's SOTY trip down under.

As has become tradition, each December Thrasher takes that year's SOTY recipient (plus a hand picked crew of similarly minded shredders) on a celebratory excursion, a "victory lap" if you will, and documents the week's shenanigans, neatly wrapping up the best of the footage into one of the most hotly anticipated clips of the following spring. And with Milton Martinez being the incumbent, this year's release does not disappoint!

Appearing alongside Grant Taylor, Collin Provost, Figgy, Wes Kremer, Louie Lopez and more, Milton really has to bring his A game to shine. But when you're born as gnarly as the diminutive Argentinian an "A game" is all you have! From leaping unfathomable chasms to bombing hills barefoot, the Creature pro proves himself a GOAT yet again; this really is some of the gnarliest skating you'll witness all year. Here's to the hellride!