Vans EU 'Tom's Tales'

Posted by Route One on 14th May 2020

Fresh from the release of Credits, Shari White's all female masterpiece, Vans continues the promotion of skateboarding outside the Cali-centric epicentre of the industry with Tom's Tales, a compilation of some of the finest recent footage from the various members of the Vans Europe squad.

And this is no 'flash in the pan' Instagram highlights accumulation either; this is a legit, 25 mins long full length vid, complete with requisite party time hijinx from Victor "Doobie" Pelegrin.

Now obviously we don't advocate the somewhat disrespectful mindset of the protagonists towards their rented Air BNB accommodation, as detailed in the accompanying Thrasher article, but put that to one side and this really is one of the most entertaining and gob-smacking collections of footage we've seen in a while. From the opening tricks right through to Doobie with the enders, the crew is not messing! Just don't follow their example when it comes to renting out somewhere to stay!