Zion Wright's 'Real' Part

Posted by Route One on 14th June 2018

Well, we knew Zion was a beast, but who knew he was a veritable behemoth of skateboarding destruction!?!

Back tails on convex rail configurations, insane NBDs on classic LA spots and enough gritty scenarios to please even the most hessian of street afficionados, Zion more than comes correct in the raddest way possible.

Featuring footage from all over the globe, including not least a fair old chuck of footage from a flying visit to the UK earlier this year, this brand new part from Real firmly cements him as one of the most exciting talents in the world today. And, considering Real only recently dropped Lintell's stand alone clip a few weeks back, we have to commend them for being at the top of their game right now too!

There may be an abundance of skate footage released virtually hourly in this day and age, but that doesn't stop the cream rising to the top and, once again, Real prove themselves to be figurative dairy farmers of the highest order. So click play now!