Check Out: Kyle Walsh

Posted by Route One on 13th September 2018

Back in the day, getting 'Check Out' in a mag was the first rung on the ladder to being able to say you'd made it. Though many careers never lived up to the early promise of a professionally shot hammer accompanied by the hyping words of an established pro, many of the people featured over the years still dine out on the knowledge that they, at one point, were considered good enough to be worthy of being checked out and maybe making it as the next big thing in the industry.

But times have changed and print is no longer king. Truth be told, save from Thrasher supplementing their readership figures with sales of logo tees to every dick and his dog, skate print media is unlikely to see the turn of the next decade. However, certain methods remain tried and true and the reach of these once monolithic media outlets still outweighs many brand's individual social media accounts so 'Check Outs' aren't going anywhere any time soon.

The latest to receive Transworld's incarnation of the format is Pennsylvania native Kyle Walsh and he brings his unique blend of mosher tricks alongside massive rails to turn everything you thought about skateboarding upside down. Crazy hat combinations, early grabs and multi-coloured grip tape could signify the time to click that close tab button for many, but we implore you to put past perceptions and preconceived prejudices to one side and give this lad's skating a chance, there's some definite gold contained within.