The National at the Ballroom

Posted by Route One on 6th February 2019

Whilst there's no doubt the National Skateboard Co. is playing third fiddle at best these days, the brand proves it still has something to give in this short but sweet clip from James 'Neddy' Needham, filmed at the infamous Ballroom DIY (which we assume is somewhere around Oxford).

Though Palace and Isle are definitely the ones receiving all the international fanfare right now, Rye Gray's National boys can still hold their own and we pretty sure their future is in safe hands, what with just how good Cam Barr seems to be getting.

The edit itself is only a quick affair, showcasing some of the locals alongside Vaughan Jones, Tom Tanner, Neil Smith and more, but it reminds us the British skate scene is still alive and well (and that there's more to it in 2019 than just gully road men and Atlantic Drift, which is no bad thing really!)

Ballroom DIY x The National Skateboard Co from Sam Gosling on Vimeo.